The largest Dive Expo in Asia is just around the corner. Taking place over the upcoming weekend, ADEX 2017 proudly presents world-renowned marine life artists, conservationists and photographers to speak about their passion and work towards marine life.

April 7 – 9, 2017

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Halls 401 – 404

Opening Hours
Friday, April 7 10am – 8pm
Saturday, April 8 10am – 7pm
Sunday, April 9 10am – 7pm

For ADEX 2017, we introduce “ADEX + WaterPlay360”!  For the first time in dive expo history, attendees can expect a whole new experience at ADEX 2017 where you can find everything related to not only diving, but WATER SPORTS as a whole!

Here are some of the highlights you can expect over the weekend:

Friday 7th April

ADEX Opening Ceremony (3pm – 5pm)

Join us for our opening ceremony together with more than 150 speakers from all around the world. The opening ceremony will include addresses by Dr Sylvia Earle and Mr Josė Ramos-Horta ADEX Guest of Honour, Ms Joyce Tang, ADEX Ocean Ambassador and a special video address by Mr Paul Watson. Plus award presentation of the first ever Blue Green Awards given to companies, organisations and individuals who have shown exceptional practices in conservation and eco-businesses. Chaired by Mr Jerker Tamelander, the Head of UN Environment Coral Reef Unit, Ms Chloe Harvey, Programmes Manager of Reef-World Foundation and Rili Djohani, Executive Director of the Coral Triangle Center.


Heroes of Climate Change Networking Session (5pm – 6pm)

Get up-close and personal and intermingle with some of the top people in diving. From emmy award videographers such as Cristian Dimitrius, Howard & Michele Hall, to renowned scientist in climate change such as Mr Clive Wilkinson, one of the pioneer researchers in climate change, our guest of honours, Dr Sylvia A. Earle and Mr Josė Ramos-Horta and of course the climate change heroes of ADEX, Mr Tim Jarvis, who is climbing the last remaining mountains in the world where glacial ice exist, Mr Michon Alba, who does expeditions to the Arctic to show the effects of climate change, Captain Pete Bethun, who has traversed the world in his unique trimaran running on pure bio-fuel and Mr Benöit Lecomté who has swam across Atlantic Ocean in 1998 and is planning another expedition across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco.


Revolution Film Screening (In Memory of Rob Stewart)

With the recent demise of Rob Stewart who was a dear protector of the ocean and fellow diver, ADEX would like to screen his last film, Revolution in memory of Rob Stewart. During this special screening, ADEX will be collecting a donation for Stewart’s family and will be donating it to ensure that Rob Stewart’s work and legacy continues.

Big Blue Evening (8pm – 12am)

Join us for a night of wonder and as we introduce our Blue Carpet event: Big Blue Evening! The event will be held Capitol Theatre at 10 Stamford road, on April 7 Friday from 8pm to midnight. With a speaker line up never seen anywhere else, join us as our Ocean17 Festival speakers bring to you a night of images, films and art which will aim to inspire you. Plus, we will be having a film premiere of Sylvia A. Earle new film, “Sea of Hope” which has never been screened outside of USA!

Get your tickets HERE!

Saturday 8th April


ADEX Dedicated to Climate Change (12.30pm – 7pm)

ADEX will be dedicating the whole of Saturday of our expo to climate change. From researchers and scientist to conservationist and advocated for climate change, come down and join us for a full afternoon learning about what is climate change, what are people doing to raise awareness about climate change and how is climate change affecting us. With world renowned speakers in this field, join us for a time of education, advocacy and life changing presentations that will make you think about how we live and what state the world is in and what we can do to prevent this catastrophe.


Hope1000 Presentation by Dr Sylvia A. Earle 5.20pm – 6.30pm

The deep sea is the greatest challenge where new adventures and discoveries await.

We have explored less than 1% of the deep ocean. Around the world from the poles to the tropics, the opportunities are enormous – to go where no one has gone before, to acquire greater knowledge and discover new frontiers.  The HOPE 1000 Explorers Project, a collaboration between Dr Sylvia A. Earle, Ocean Geographic and Deep Ocean Engineering will, for the first time, allow the average citizen to explore the deep ocean safely.

Join us for an evening at ADEX with SYLVIA EARLE as she presents her new project and share her experiences of her past endeavors. A once in a lifetime chance to hear from one of the pioneers of deep sea diving.

Sunday 9th April


Heroes of Climate Change Presentations

Ben Lecomte 2.10pm – 2.55pm | Tim Jarvis 3pm – 3.45pm | Alban Michon 3.50pm- 4.35pm | Captain Peter Bethune 4.40pm – 5.25pm

Four environmental warriors, who are fighting to make sure that the world will still be around for the next generation, will be making a stop at ADEX. From swimming across oceans to climbing mountain peaks, these four climate change heroes will stop at nothing to get the message across – that we can all make a real difference to ensure the survival of our world and its inhabitants.


Voice of the Ocean Live Judging (4pm – 6.30pm)

A competition like no other, Voice of the Ocean will continue the tradition of having a live judging, allowing photo enthusiast as well as participants to learn from some of the top photographers, videographers and artist on what they look out for, what constitutes to a good photo and what techniques can be used to improve the photo. Judges include: G Sano, Aaron Wong, Becky Kagan Schott, Cristian Dimitrius, Howard Hall, Marty Snyderman, Michele Hall & Richie Kohler.

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