Kinugawa brings its customers only products of Japanese-made quality manufactured by Japanese workers and designed to enable Japanese consumers to enjoy the beautiful teeming seas with security – “Kinugawa Quality”, the motto and policy of the Kinugawa Group, embodies this thinking. Kinugawa’s commitment to highly reliability and safe product-making has been unwavering since its founding in 1955. It has earned Kinugawa a solid reputation not just in Japan, but throughout the world. What backs Kinugawa’s quality is the “Made in Tokyo” concept. Kinugawa has established a system that enables them to strengthen in-house collaborative capabilities by concentrating the three core functions of development, manufacturing, and sales in Tokyo without separating them. This makes possible product development that rapidly addresses customer needs, manufacturing that takes maximum advantage of the latest research results, and fine-grained sales efforts backed by close communication with development and manufacturing. The Kinugawa Group continues to spread the joy of encounters with the sea through an staunch commitment to quality that comes from Tokyo.

“We want to create products that people can trust. We want to deliver enjoyment of the sea to as many people as possible.” That is why the Kinugawa Group was born. This company offers the exclusive Gull diving equipment, the cocoloa line exclusively for ladies, and a full range of AQATM marine-sports products. Kinugawa Corporation was newly established to help achieve better product-making by making full use of expert knowledge in every field. It coordinates product development and design for these brands, and manufactures the products in its own factories. Kinugawa Group continues to meet the challenges involved in creating products that even more reliable and safe reliable, goods that each and every customer can use with positive delight.

In this new generation, there are still things to be done. Kinugawa aims to create products that help people love the Earth. There are critical issues that Kinugawa Pacific Group is driven to address both now and in the future. These issues concern the development of products that embody care for the global environment, and ongoing quality improvement.

In 1998, extensive coral bleaching was recognized as a problem in seas all around the world. Bleaching occurs when Symbiodinium, the algae species which live symbiotically in coral, escape from the mineral body due to environmental degradation. The coral turns white because it loses its algal pigmentation. In some cases, the bleaching of a reef may naturally reverse, but if it does not, the coral gradually dies. The skeletal remains then become overgrown with seaweed, which prevents the growth of new coral. Eventually, the entire coral reef dies. It was confirmed that this bleaching process was taking place in seas all over the world. This large-scale bleaching is said to be caused by rising sea temperatures. It seems that rising sea temperatures is part of global warming. This and deterioration of the sea environment are unwanted, harmful results of human effort to improve living conditions.

Kinugawa is committed to not only manufacturing quality products that fit into everyday life, they are concerned with how products affect the global environment and the sea. To save coral reefs, the greatest living things on Earth, complex ecologies based on structures built by living organisms, a symbol of life, we have to start with small things that every single person can do. The moment you notice is the moment to start.

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