Sophia Yeo, Advanced Open Water Diver tested the brand new COSMIQ Dive Companion from Deepblu. Going beyond the essential functions of a dive computer, with the click of a button, COSMIQ syncs with the Deepblu Mobile App allowing divers to effortlessly create a digital dive log.

The COSMIQ dive computer by Deepblu comes with an attractive proposition – to allow divers to seamlessly continue the underwater experience after diving. And it delivers on this promise; a simple scroll shows a number of pictures taken at different depths (no more trying to figure out where you saw that animal, or trying to match your dive times to photos after the dive). It’s also easy to use, and syncs well with Deepblu’s iOS app.

The app, which allows users to create dive logs that can be shared in the Deepblu social community, brings you and your buddies closer. These dive logs can also bedive log sample (1) exported to impress friends on the major social networks, or kept to yourself. The logs display all the relevant log information, in an accommodating format which has the typical social media interactions – when shared to the Deepblu community, other users can “Like” the dive, leave a comment, or share it. You also have the option to tag dive buddies and rate dive sites using the interactive dive site map.

The computer comes with a 24mm Ballistic Nylon NATO watch strap with stainless steel buckles and a Velcro fastener, and if it gets damaged, it is easily replaceable. The battery is also easily chargeable with the magnetic USB connector, which proves extremely useful. Using the Dive Plan function allows you to plan your upcoming dive with maximum safety – it shows you how long you can safely remain at various depths without surpassing no decompression limits and requiring a decompression stop. 

In addition, there is a “Freedive mode” designed specifically for freediving. During the freedive, COSMIQ measures your current depth, dive time and the surrounding water temperature. If you fancy, you can set a Max Depth and/or Max Time alarm.

The COSMIQ dive computer gives you a fresh new insight into your dive, and a brand new perspective on the underwater environment – it allows you to track things like the relationship between wind, currents, upwelling and visibility at specific dive sites, and also track the ideal conditions for finding marine life. This, in turn, can create a whole new dive experience, allowing you the best chance of spotting rare marine animals, keeping you aware of dangerous currents and changing the way you view the underwater world.

It is ideal for divers to build new diving friendships through the emerging Deepblu social community, and offers a fun, interactive alternative to keeping on top of dive statistics. For more information visit Deepblu

The Deepblu COSMIQ Dive Companion